Welcome to the Electronic Confirmation Process
The Electronic Confirmation Process (ECP) is used to confirm the legal relations of publishers and authors as well as the participation of publishers in pay-outs vis-à-vis GEMA. From 1 February until 1 December 2017, publishers may submit the necessary information and documentation to GEMA via the ECP.
You can watch the following video tutorial to find out how the ECP works here:
A detailed description of the ECP can be found here:
Please note the new functions in the ECP from 01 September onwards

With immediate effect, publishers may:
- Add author-publisher relationships and publisher participation attributes for new works and agreements i.e. registered after 31 January 2017, and which had not been included in the lists previously made available for download via the ECP.

- Change author-publisher relationships and publisher participation identifiers in relation to works and agreements that had already been submitted.

- Declaration of indemnification: Providing a declaration of indemnification for each work or agreement list continues to be obligatory. From 01 September 2017, publishers may submit the declaration of indemnification directly and online via the ECP without having to upload additional documents.

ECP updates as of September 29, 2017: All improvements regarding user friendliness can be found here.

Note for previous works and agreement lists (version spring 2017)
The lists which have not been submitted yet shall remain at your disposal and can be edited just like before. You will, however, not benefit from the new functions which simplify the process. In the case of lists that have not been submitted yet, you may thus select whether you wish to edit and finish these lists in the old format or request the new list format for the case in question.

Please note the term of exclusion per 01 December 2017 for the reversal
From 01 December 2017 onwards the option for publishers to provide details via the ECP on claims for the past shall lapse.

Due to a decision made by the Supervisory Board on 12 October 2017, works and agreement lists can now still be uploaded to GEMA's servers until 13 January 2018. Publishers that have not yet finalised processing their works and agreement lists by 01 December 2017 can use this one-off deadline extension. This means for publishers: All works and agreement lists which are submitted via the ECP after 13 January 2018 can no longer be considered to avert a reversal process.
Requirements for the ECP:
Login via the online service "Repertoire search (enhanced access)"

Publishers who are already using the online service "Repertoire search (enhanced access)" can access the ECP immediately after they have logged in.

Publishers who have not got access to this online service yet, or do not have a personal account yet, please read on here:

If you have any questions, our ECP service hotline team is happy to help:
Phone: +49 30 212 45 600
Monday to Friday, 11.00 to 15.00
E-mail: mitgliederservice@gema.de