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Dear publishers,

The ECP is a process intended for you to provide GEMA with details whether the author has agreed to the participation of the publisher in the statutory remuneration rights (e.g. ZPÜ payouts and public lending rights) for future payouts. A separate permission of the author for the participation of a publisher in the exploitation rights is not required.
Pursuant to Section 27a of the Verwertungsgesellschaftengesetz (VGG) [German Act on Collective Management Organisations], publishers may only participate in the payouts for statutory remuneration rights if the author has consented to such a participation after the publication of the work or as part of the work declaration process. The statutory provision is reflected in Art. 26 para. 5 of the GEMA distribution plan.

Since the publisher usually carries out the work declaration at GEMA, the author can actually not give a valid consent to the participation until after the work has been registered. GEMA is providing a process for this purpose so that the publishers can make such a notification after the work has been registered.

Please note that details transmitted via the ECP can only be taken into consideration for future payouts. A retroactive participation of the publisher in statutory remuneration rights is not possible.

In addition, certain registration deadlines must be adhered to pursuant to the provisions of the GEMA distribution plan so that the details regarding the participation in the statutory remuneration rights can be taken into account for a payout date.
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The ECP is also suitable to provide information if you are a sub-publisher and have acquired foreign repertoire. It is faster and more practical, however, if you already mark during the Notification of your sub-publishing agreement whether your foreign contractual partner has granted you the participation in statutory remuneration rights.

Declaration of indemnification: It is mandatory to provide a declaration of indemnification for each work or agreement list. The declaration of indemnification opens up as soon as you have clicked on the button "Finish".
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