Welcome to the Electronic Confirmation Process (ECP)
Dear publishers, unlike previously the ECP serves exclusively for notifying GEMA whether the author has expressly consented to the publisher's statutory remuneration claims (e.g. ZPÜ distributions and public lending rights) for future distributions.
Pursuant to Art 27 para a to Act on Collective Management Organisations (CMO Act), publishers can participate in distributions of statutory remuneration claims if the author has consented to the participation either after the release of the work or at the point when he declares the work. The legal provision was implemented in Art 26 clause 3 of GEMA's distribution plan. As with GEMA it is typically the publisher who declares the work, the author can, de facto, only provide an effective consent to the participation after the work has been declared. GEMA therefore had to establish a process allowing publishers to notify the author's consent after the declaration of the work.

Please note that the submission of details via the ECP will only apply to future distributions. A retroactive participation of the publisher in statutory remuneration claims is not possible. Furthermore, pursuant to Art 26 clause 3 of GEMA's distribution plan, this means that deadlines in Art 41 clause 3 of GEMA's distribution plan must be met so that details relating to the participation in statutory remuneration claims can be taken into account for a distribution date.

Pursuant to Art 27 para 2 there is no need for a separate approval from the author for the publisher's participation in exploitation rights. Further details are therefore not required and cannot be provided via the ECP anymore.

The outlined process is generally also applicable if you are a sub-publisher and have acquired foreign repertoire. It is however quicker and more practical if you have already indicated whether the foreign contracting party has granted you the rights to participate in the statutory remuneration claims when you register your sub-publishing agreement.
An overview of the ECP procedure can be found here.
The EPC guide provides a detailed description of the functionalities:

Declaration of indemnification: Providing a declaration of indemnification for each work or agreement list remains mandatory. You can submit the declaration of indemnification directly online via the ECP without having to upload additional documents. The declaration of indemnification opens as soon as you click on the 'Finish' button.

Important notes/tips:
  • Work and agreement lists, which were made available by GEMA during the reversal process (Spring 2017), are equally no longer available for editing.
  • The attributes VBUNB and VBNOK are also no longer available.
  • If the attributes of the author-publisher relationship change as a result of details you have provided to us via the ECP, then all authors and publishers related to the work will receive a notification of the changes, pursuant to Art 49 of GEMA's distribution plan.
Requirements for the ECP:
Login via the online service 'Repertoire search (enhanced access)'

Publishers who are already using the online service 'Repertoire search (enhanced access)' can access the ECP immediately after they have logged in.

Publishers, who have not got access to the online service 'Repertoire Search (enhanced access)' yet, please read on here:

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